A Brief Introduction to Neurofeedback Therapy

Your brain is your headquater- neurofeedback therapy can help

Basically, your brain is the headquarters that controls all aspects of your functioning, emotions, and experiences. Ideally, you would like to be able to choose which information your brain processes and disregard the rest. However, your brain needs to process whatever information and experiences are thrown its way.

In cases of heightened stress or trauma, for example, the brain develops neural pathways that can interrupt learning and other less urgent information processing, to prioritize immediate survival. That’s a good thing when needed. But for most of us, most of the time, we are not being chased by an angry lion and our brains move us into sub-optimal performance when we mistakenly prioritize less important signals.

Repeated exposure to anything that doesn’t nourish your brain (such as physical, emotional, or environmental stressors, poor nutrition, or even prolonged exposure to screens over extended periods) can cause disruptions to your brain’s optimal functioning, manifesting as mental health issues or otherwise preventing you from operating at maximum potential.