Career Pivot — Write Your Own Future

Not sure if you should change careers or change direction? You feel stuck in the same old groove of going to work every day and wondering if you really made the right choice at graduation or even when you chose your college major, but you haven’t figured out how to move forward with your career. We can help.

If you feel burned out, unfulfilled, or that your work day is meaningless — consider getting help to successfully pivot your career.

Key Points

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Inspired woman painting, finding her new passions5 Steps to a Success Career Pivot

  1. Envision your future. Think about a career path that would give you more meaning and help you leverage your talents. What would give you a life that you love more? What parts of your work life could give you greater fulfillment
  2. Establish your goals. Envisioning your future will help you establish specific goals. Being intentional about what you want for your life means examing “what do I want my life to look like?”
  3. Map out a plan. Once you have specific goals, you can create a plan to get there. Be methodical. To successfully execute a career pivot, focus on what is working for you now while mapping out your new path.
  4. Be open to new possibilities. Planning is important, but be flexible. Stay open to new options that you encounter as you develop and execute your plan.
  5. Work towards that plan. Set attainable goals and monitor your progress. Our team can help you stay accountable to yourself, and make needed tweaks to your plan during implementation.

Neurofeedback Can Help

Any career reset or reorientation requires you to be on your best game. Neurofeedback helps you optimize your brain’s efficiency, enabling you to sustain focus and concentration.

Practical Support for a Successful Career Pivot

You deserve a career that fills you with passion, joy, purpose, and pride. If your current role doesn’t fulfill those needs for you, then we can help you create a life that better serves your needs.

Often, our clients know they want to change but they don’t know exactly what, where, or how. With practical real-world business experience and emotional insights, we can help you explore your strengths and interests, define your goals, identify skills that need strengthening, develop a plan, and support you during implementation.

Successful pivoting requires a strong support system. We can help. And, we have helped people create a life that they love better. Let’s get started! Our support will be insightful, supportive, and practical.