How Do I Know if I Need Therapy?

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Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues affect men and women, but men may have a harder time admitting they need help because of misconceptions and stigma. Feelings of unmet need, inadequacy, low self-esteem, lethargy, persistent melancholy, and persistent tension are all signs that you may benefit from professional assistance.

Key indicators — check yourself:

  • Your mood has become darker, you have lower energy levels, or are often sad.
  • You feel completely tapped out.
  • You find yourself often feeling angry or irritated.
  • Difficulty sleeping or experiencing a panic attack.
  • Troubled relationships in your personal or professional life.
  • Your appetite has decreased significantly and you’ve lost weight recently.
  • Experienced traumatic events or have been diagnosed with PTSD.
  • Have been or are in an abusive relationship.
  • Your job has left you feeling drained or overwhelmed physically and mentally.
  • Do you sabotage yourself?
  • Have you had a hard time getting promoted?
  • Does it stress you out to interact with superiors and coworkers?
  • Can you not seem to handle being turned down?

Emotional health problems tend to worsen when left untreated. Insomnia, decreased libido, physical health issues, and other difficulties are more probable if you don’t get help.