5 Steps to Rewriting Your Future

Rewrite your future - pivot your career

Envision Your Future

You can think of your future in terms of professional goals while weighing your plans in the context of your personal goals. What will give you more flexibility, less stress, more meaning, and more time with family? Do you want to work from home or commute every day? Do you want to have more control over day-to-day decisions in the workplace?

You may want to:

  • Reach a specific position within your organization.
  • Reinvent yourself completely, leaving your career and your job to go in a totally different direction.
  • Imagine a middle path where you leverage the skills that you already have, the aspects that you love about your current job, and the tools that you want to develop.

Establish Your Goals

Consider how you would like to make your new career goals a part of your life. You can choose from being self-employed or working for someone else; working full-time or part-time; building directly on your current skill set, or striking out in a very different direction.

Evaluate what kind of risks you’re comfortable with when considering a career change. Be real about the risks that you can manage and consider the potential impact on your family.

Map Out a Plan

Successful pivots often do not mean starting over tabula rasa, but rather building on your earlier achievements and your existing strengths. A pivot can be a 180-degree turn, but there should be a link between your previous experience and your new goals.

Be Open to New Possibilities

While having a clear sense of your goals is essential, and you do need a plan, career changes are often fraught with surprises, both positive and unpleasant. Unfolding events may present new opportunities. Don’t let your initial plan prevent you from switching gears again as needed. Be open and be flexible. Professional help can help you distinguish between distractions and opportunities.

Work Towards That Plan

Big changes can be overwhelming. Chunking your tasks into manageable segments can keep you on target.

Working together, we can provide needed help so that you can successfully navigate over or around obstacles.